Worthing Based Health Consultancy


From a very young age health and fitness has been a passion. I became a competitive swimmer at the age of 9 through to 14 that gave me experience in gyms and training techniques at the time, most of all it gave me the ability to know my own physical abilities, strength, stamina and fitness. My mother developed a love of food within me and at 17 I started working in a busy carvery learning the skills of a chef. At the age of 18 I entered into the complimentary therapies with me starting massage, reflexology, diet and nutrition, reiki, energy work, martial arts and zhan zhaung a standing meditation. This inital development allowed me to explore an understanding of myself, which over the course of fifteen or so years, has given me insight into the sutle energetics that influence our daily lives internally. Through living life, travelling and working in a number of different jobs I've gain important people skillsthat have been fine tuned during my acupuncture degree studying traditional five element theories of diagnosis. Up to starting my degree I had been developing my understanding of teaching others through coaching and instructing but also gaining valuable experience of safer and less demarding physical activity on the body through yoga, pilates, alexanda techniques and standing qi gong. This mean't that when I become proply introduced to the theory's of medicine from an eastern veiw point, connections started to appear on how illness or dis-ease is blockages of energetic stagnation and through the experience of everything I had done to that point, simple daily routines could and would help rebalance or maintain health within everybody who dilagently took part. Through my degree I realised the processes and inner cultivation I had been doing in my teens came from Daoist practices and so a deeper knowledge grow in the areas of mental understanding. Mental strength is not really understood as only one therapy or tool is often used to tackle many different aspects of mind. This is like trying to build a shed with just a hammer, sometimes it works and is very useful and other times not appropriate for the task at all. However, through understanding how to treat people with five element acupuncture, a strengthen within a persons mind can take place allowing me to develop further in using the tools I've gained over the last 20 years of study. Since my degree I have allow a natural development of observing people's elements when interacting and gaining a deeper insight into movements of energy within others. As I gained knowledge and experience my education has continued to include professional cookery to level 3, which has given me insight into how we have got to where we have with restaurant and fast food. Also nutrition and an understanding of the power food and drink have on health has grow over 25 years of commercial cooking techniques, but most of all the methods and processes used to create dishes, menus and there negative positive effect on the body/mind/spirit of a person. With all these skills I feel very qualified to support a client, patient, into making canges in their lives to rebalance energetic blockages to restore health and then follow that up with a maintain plan to offer continued support over many years, ultimately empowering the client to be responsible with their lifestyle choices. For further development and training I am doing a personal training qualification to gain an insight into the current understanding of fitness and a nutritional course on cancer prevention and longevity which will add greater evidence to offer people why choices in lifestyle can influence health, fitness and wellbeing.

Extreme Sports

I've been very fortunate as a child to experience sports that most are not able to. This only means I have come to understand life from a different view point, however, we all have our own view of life as we our the main charecter

Relax Time

This is very important to me and a balance is definantly required for health to be maintained. We are all human with normal emotional wants and needs, however, knowing when to step back to guard health is wisedom

Self Maintainance

Practice of any discipline requires will and due diligenceover a long period of time allowing experience to show results for understanding. Do not do anything just because, make sure the information is sound by researching for yourself.


Know as Shen 神 in Chinese this ideogram symbolizes aspects of self that are not offen spoken about and to be fair, spirit, is much deeper than words. From my experience more understanding is in the emotional and feelings of self in any given situation and being able to stay grounded in the centre.