Worthing Based Health Consultancy

Frazer Leckey Health Consultancy

Offering support for acute and chronic symptoms through a varity of natual health practices such as stretches to focused mental exercises to help rebalance and maintain health in busy lifestyles.

Mission Statement:

‘To share, help, support and rebalance clients energetics to restore health giving a better quality of life.’

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Inner Health

The make up of life is energy moving in a preprogrammed way to allow growth and abundance to thrive.

Physical Health

The machanical workings of the human form must be maintained as we age to reduce de-generation.

Emotional Health

Mostly un-noticed, emotions & thoughts are always with us and learning to use this is a key to a healthy life.

Definition of Health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Your Health & What Does That Mean?

Lifestyle can influence health, fitness and wellbeing. What is your lifestyle? what habits & rituals do you preform each day? how much variaty do you have through the week both external & internal?

These questions are just a couple to help build a picture of the lifestyle you have built as time moves through life. As you become aware of areas in your life that overpower or dominate you can start the process of becoming consciously supportive to your needs to rediscover health or continue maintaining health and becoming stronger, more resilant as we age.

We are not torte how to understand lifestyle as it has a great impact on where we end up in life because of the decisions we make on that journey. Any extreme physical or emotional encounter can shape how we view life changing decisions we make daily. Sometime these experiences can change our life radicually and others are like a drip feed slowly taking us further away from ourselves, becoming lost in mind and ego.

Your health allows you to enjoy the experiences life brings and not think of them in negative or positive terms, they just are, it's how we choose for them to infulence us that determines outcomes of the experience.

In sharing the knowledge I have gained about health, fitness and lifestyle over the past 25 years of learning I hope these words move you to take action in sourcing the answers you need to become healthier, fitter, wiser, stronger and more comfortable within yourself.


Understand from what area of life I have lived and the experienced gained growing and developing my supportive skills. Health management is a lifestyle which is not about giving the things you enjoy up.

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Treatment Options

Deciding the course of support you feel you need is a decision that can be difficult as there is so much choice. All treatments and management programs are tailored to your indiviual needs and goals.

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The physical body must be at a level of fitness for health to be maintained or else blockages of energy cause imbalance. Exercise doesn't mean Cardio-Vascular movement.


What we put into our bodies can have a major impact on how we feel, our vitality for socializing & ability to move through the different stages of our days. We are what we eat!

Stillness of Breath

The start and end of life, the breath! The function of breathing is very important to help relieve stress, tension in the body & mind. Breath is a good indicator of our emotional state.

Energy Medicine

The movement of energy sustains our every need for living a healthy life. From the cell to a grow adult this understanding of life is fundermental.


The influence of sound on the physical & emotional states of being is very insightful for the use of maintaining a balanced state of health. The oppersite is also true.


The Sun gives the earth nourishment through light & warmth. The environmental support by engulfing yourself with a colour is powerful in supporting energy movement.

External Energetics

Our surroundings affect all of us & a simple knowledge of how this happens can change the way we each interact through it, in our daily lives, moving one foot at a time.


You may Email myself with questions or advise on possible directions you would like to enquire about to help achieve goals and dreams for your health.

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Broadwater Worthing, 37 Hadley Avenue, BN14 9HB


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